Upgrading from Palettes 2.0 to 2.1

There is no official upgrade process for Palettes so we need to follow the process described below. The assumption made is that the FAS will e upgraded at the same time
Assumed Current Versions:
   - FAS 2.1.14
   - Palettes 2.0.12
Assumed New Versions:
   - FAS 2.1.16
   - Palettes 2.1.7
Upgrade Process:
  1. Make sure FAS 2.1.14 is stopped
  2. Modify FAS 2.1.16 installer’s UPGRADE property file 
  3. Run the FAS UPGRADE installer
  4. Start FAS 2.1.16
  5. Undeploy Palettes 2.0.12 via the JBoss web admin console:
    • dummy_callcenter.war
    • dummy_callcenter_adapter.war
    • palettes_admin.war
    • palettes_server.war
    • basic_ivrb_sample_client_js.war
    • basic_ivrb_sample_appconfig.war
    • Note: No need to remove the Palettes 2.0.12 Extension ordummy_callcenter_adapter.war as it doesn't get copied across during the FAS upgrade.
  1. Restart FAS
  2. Modify the Palettes 2.1.7 installer’s properties file
  3. Install Palettes 2.1.7 by running the Palettes 2.1.6 installer
  4. Install Dummy CC WAR and assign it to the MANAGEMENT server group
  5. Install the Dummy CC’s app-config WAR (palettes_server_dummy_callcenter.war) and assign it to the MAIN server group
  6. Copy the customers.xml into the FAS 2.1.36 install directory
  7. Install the Palettes 2.1.7 Basic IVR-B sample app WAR and appconfig
  8. Install the palettes_server_ucce_ged125-2.1.4.war
  9. Install a modified version of Palettes 2.1.7’s Basic IVR-B sample app which will point at the GED-125 RIngback Adapter (aka. server module)
    • Copy the Basic IVR-B sample app WAR file and rename it e.g. ucceged125_sample_client_js.war
    • Unpack the ucceged125_sample_client_js.war
    • Edit the ewt.html
      • Change the palettes.init() command on line 71 to: palettes.init(“”, “ciscosipringback”, handleStart, handleError);
      • Change the palettes.invoke() command on line 52 to: palettes.invoke(“scripting", "retrieveData", serviceParms, handleResult, handleError);
    • Edit the context.html
      • Change the palettes.init() command on line 63 to: palettes.init(“”, “ciscosipringback”, handleStart, handleError);
      • Leave the palettes.invoke() command on line 52 as-is
    • Repackage the WAR file and deploy
  1. Update and deploy the Ringback adapter’s appconfig WAR - cisco_sip_ringback_sample_appconfig.war

URLs for the Palettes 2.1:
  • http://<ADDRESS>:8080/palettes_support/service
  • http://<ADDRESS>:9100/dummy_callcenter/admin
  • http://<ADDRESS>:8080/basic_ivrb_sample_client_js
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