FCSDK Session Provisioning Server-side Scripts


To create your own custom FCSDK Voice, Video and Messaging app, you will need a server-side session provisioning piece to initialise the client UC object.

Our reference architecture describes how & where this app server component should be deployed, however it is not an intrinsic CafeX component and it's up to you to decide which technology you want to use for the job.

In this repository you can find example session provisioning server scripts written in:


  1. Ruby - $ ruby ruby-server.rb
  2. Python - $ python python-server.rb
  3. PHP - $ php -S localhost:8123 php-server.php
  4. Node.js - $ node node-server.js


To run any of these scripts locally you will either need Ruby, Python, PHP or node.js running on your machine.

To build out your FCSDK app, using any these provisioning pieces, you will also need a CafeX server, accessible from your development environment - along with a Web App Id ( you can create these via the Web Plugin Framework Gateway) and service domain.

You will need to update the server config and session description JSON within each of the server scripts to be the relevant values for your CafeX deployment.

Once you've setup and started your server, you should be able to navigate locally to http://localhost:8123/?user=1002

From here you should be able to place a call into your FCSDK sample app, user 1001.

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