Audio Only Upgraded to Video and Co-browse

This example demonstrated how to initiate an audio only call, from a consumer to an agent using FCSDK. Once the call is established the agent may upgrade the call to a Voice & Video call along with starting a Live Assist Co-browse session.

The example builds upon the example in this article: 

Separating FCSDK Voice & Video from a Live Assist Co-browse Session

...with the following call flow:

  1. Consumer places an Audio Only call to the Agent
  2. The Agent answers (audio only)
  3. The Agent wishes to escalate to a voice & video call (with LA Co-browse)
  4. The consumer answers (automatically) with a voice and video and starts a Live Assist Session
  5. The Agent can navigate to the Live Assist Agent Console and request co-browse / screen share permission from the consumer

You can download a copy of the example code here and run it against your own CafeX FCSDK / LA setup. The session provisioning pieces (session.php) for both the agent and the consumer register them accordingly and make use of AED2 for setting the correlation Id for LA co-browse only as "consumer".

On the consumer side, on page load, we initialise the UC object from the FCSDK libraries which in turn places an Audio Only call out to the agent side ('agentX'):


If the Agent decides to upgrade the call to a video call a new call is placed and is automatically answered by the consumer, offering both audio and video. At the same time as answering the consumer starts a Live Assist support session.

On the Agent side, the agent is prompted to answer the initial audio only incoming call, which is answered offering only audio. Once an audio only call has been established, the agent has the option to upgrade to a full voice and video call (along with a new Assist support session)

Once the new voice & video call has been established and the support session started, the agent may use the Live Asist Agent console to request a co-browse session with the consumer, supplying the correlation Id "consumer".



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