Embedding Live Assist within SalesForce VisualForce Page

This article shows you, as a developer, how to embed Fusion Live AssistTM within your SalesForce application using VisualForce pages.

Firstly you'll need to signup for a free SalesForce Developer Account here:


Once you've signed up, you'll need to confirm your account via email before you can login. To login visit the link in the confirmation email or go here:


Once you're logged in, you need to create your VidualForce page by navigating to:

Setup > Build > Develop > Visualforce Pages

You'll then need to create a view for your app, click the "Create New View" link and enter your app name in the required fields and click save.

After you've set up your view, you then need to add a page by clicking the new button "New" (next to the "Developer Console" button).

Next, you'll be presented with a code editor and a prompt to add a name and label for your app. Which should look something like this (before):

Within the code editor you can write the html / javascript for your app. To embed the Live AssistTM functionality you only need to add two lines of code, so your editor code looks something like this (after): 

Be sure to change the IP in the line to import the JS librabry to point at the IP / FQDN of your CafeX server.

When you're happy with your app, click the "save" button and then the "preview" button to show your app. 

To test the functionality, open up your Live Assist Agent Console in an incognito / private tab. Then in your app, simply click the "assist" link towards the bottom, to iniitiate a support call.






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