Trials 2.1.8 MediaBroker Reports Down

After the installation of theTrials 2.1.8 on CentOS 7 may report that the MediaBroker is down in the Web Plugin Framework.



Stop the Trials if it is running,

Linux: Running the script located in the Trial Environment install directory


Default Trials Install Directory:

Linux: /home/<username>/cafex-trials


Confirm trials has shutdown by running the following in a terminal: 

ps -ef | grep java


Now, Start trials by running the script in the Trials install directory (Linux).


If still getting media broker down then follow as below:


Check Pre-Requisites Packages:

rpm  -q  pango

rpm  -q libXv

rpm  -q libxml2


If not installed run below commands to install them:

yum  -y install pango

yum  -y  install  libXv

yum  -y  install libxml2

After above installed packages  Stop and start the Trials respectively with ./ and  ./


NOTE: This article valid for Trials 2.1.8 on CentOS 7 server.


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