FAS, FCSDK & LA upgrade instructions


This is an example demo on how to upgrade FAS, FCSDK & LA 1.21 to FAS 2.2.7, FCSDK 2.9.0 & LA 1.19.

Please ensure the following files are present on the server:


You'll need to know your java path & the IP / Hostname of the FAS server before beginning.

Step 1. Create backup / restore point:

  1. mkdir /opt/backup
  2. mkdir /opt/backup/<date>
  3. service fas stop
  4. service fusion_media_broker stop
  5. cp -Rp /opt/cafex/ /opt/backup/<date>/
  6. cp /etc/fas.conf /opt/backup/<date>/
  7. cp /etc/fcsdk.conf /opt/backup/<date>/

Step 2. Upgrade FAS (assumes installers are in /opt/installers/as)

  1. shutdown existing install (should already have been done as above).
  2. service fusion_media_broker stop
  3. service fas stop
  4. confirm with ps -fC java (should return no running processes)
  5. unpack as-installer-2.2.7.zip
  6. cd /opt/installers/as/
  7. unzip as-installer-2.2.7.zip -d as-installer-2.2.7
  8. cd as-installer-2.2.7
  9. vi as-installer-2.2.7.upgrade-install.properties & set accept.eula=yes
  10. run the upgrade: java -jar as-installer-2.2.6.jar -options as-installer-2.2.6.upgrade-install.properties
  11. If it completes with no errors start fas with: service fas status (confirm it's not running) then: service fas start

Step 3. Upgrade FCSDK (assumes installers are in /opt/installers/fcsdk)

  1. cd /opt/installers/fcsdk/
  2. unzip fusion_client_core_sdk_installer-2.9.0.zip -d fusion_client_core_sdk_installer-2.9.0
  3. cd fusion_client_core_sdk_installer-2.9.0
  4. make sure media-broker-native-3.el6.x86_64.tar.gz file is in the same directory (el6 is for Centos 6): mv ../media-broker-native-3.el6.x86_64.tar.gz .
  5. vi fusion_client_core_sdk_installer-2.9.0.upgrade-install.properties (set accept.eula=yes, appserver.admin.address=<IP of FAS server>, appserver.admin.password=administrator, gateway.admin_password=admin)
  6. java -jar fusion_client_core_sdk_installer-2.9.0.jar -options fusion_client_core_sdk_installer-2.9.0.upgrade-install.properties
  7. If it completes with no errors start the MB: service fusion_media_broker start

Step 4. Install latest LA 1.19 over top of LA 1.9

  1. Upgrade LA (assumes installers are in /opt/installers/la)
  2. cd /opt/installers/la/
  3. unzip unzip cafex_live_assist_installer-1.19.0.zip -d cafex_live_assist_installer-1.19.0
  4. cd cafex_live_assist_installer-1.19.0
  5. vi cafex_live_assist_installer-1.19.0.production.properties (fill in all values as normal)
  6. java -jar cafex_live_assist_installer-1.19.0.jar -options cafex_live_assist_installer-1.19.0.production.properties

Upgrade complete

Roll back procedure if required

  1. Shutdown fas & media broker
  2. replace fas & fcsdk conf files
  3. cp /opt/backup/<date>/fas.conf /etc/ (select Y to replace)
  4. cp /opt/backup/<date>/fcsdk.conf /etc/ (select Y to replace)
  5. service fas start
  6. service fusion_media_broker start


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