OneBank demo Palettes uses different ports.

When you use HTTPS, unless the page you're accessing is using a certificate from a CA trusted by your browser, you will need to explicitly accept the cert.

So, when you access the OneBank agent console over HTTPS, it's loaded from the FAS on port 8443. As the FAS uses a certificate that is not signed by a 'well known' CA, you'll be prompted to accept the un-trusted certificate.

The contextual data associated with the customer that the OneBank agent console is retrieving is from the Dummy Contact Centre application, which is also deployed onto the FAS ... but in a different group to the OneBank application. The OneBank agent console is deployed to the 'main-server-group' whereas the Dummy Contact Centre application is deployed to the 'management-server-group'. Each of these groups has their own HTTPS certificate.

Therefore the user will not be able to see the context information from the Dummy Contact Centre application unless they explicitly accept the Dummy Contact Centre application's HTTPS certificate.  

The Dummy Contact Centre application uses port '9463' (rather than the normal 8443 port) for HTTPS traffic.



There are a couple of fixes:
- If you have to use HTTPS, you'll have to go to a page with port 9463 just so you can tell the browser to trust the cert. Do this in a new tab before the agent is ready to receive the first incoming call e.g. https://<server-ip>:9463/
- The other way is to use HTTP in Firefox








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