CaféX Critical Issue Bulletin 007 - Live Assist functionality affected in Android System WebView version 48.0.2564.106



If you are running Google's Android System WebView 48.0.2564.106 you may experience issues with Live Assist (all versions before LA 1.23.0). The issues manifest themselves as an inconsistent experience (such as click through from consumer not arriving where expected on agent)


Google Android WebView48.0.2564.106 which has removed the ability to obtain the viewport in javascript. Our SDK makes use of this function in our handling of WebViews. This can lead to WebViews not behaving correctly during co-browsing. Agent navigation when a WebView is scrolled and inline form editing is affected.

Google have subsequently reversed this decision for version 49 which should be released in a few weeks. The following chrome issue tracks this problem:

This issue will affect devices that have the 48.0.2564.106 of the WebView which can only be android 5.0 lollipop and above devices. Pre 5.0 lollipop devices work correctly as they have an older version of the WebView with no way to upgrade.


Upgrade to Live Assist to 1.23.0 or later. Live Assist 1.23.0 copes with this version of the WebView to retain interaction behaviour. *NOTE* inline webview form-filling is disabled however.

One version 49 is released, normal behaviour should return for 1.23 and earlier.


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