iOS 9 & Xcode 7


There are some know issues with using iOS 9 and Xcode 7 with some of CafèX iOS applications. This article is intended as a guide to help you resolve any issues you may have with developing with Xcode 7 & iOS 9.


1. App Transport Security (ATP), your app builds to device but cannot make calls, you notice an ssl exception in console.log.

ATP introduced with iOS 9 SDK / xcode 7 now disables all non-secure transport, which will mean if you're pointing to a FCSDK or Live Assist server over HTTP, or HTTPS without a valid certificate, it will get blocked.

To resolve you will need to add following entries needed to be added to the application’s plist file – note that the below is a very broad disablement of Application Transport Security and you can be more specific:

Which will re-enable insecure transports, but is unlikely to be something you'd want to keep in the app long-term.
This example is based on a Live Assist demo app, open the plist file
Then add the tags:

 Now save, clean and rebuild your application.


2. Bitcode on by default. Your app fails to compile with an error saying bitcode not included.

Bitcode is turned on by default for your Xcode projects in Xcode 7. We are introducing bitcode support to our libraries but it is not in the sample apps yet.

The resolution is to disable bitcode in your build settings:

3. Install an existing pre-built application - not trusted.

If you have installed a sample app to iOS9 which was previously build with Xcode 6 and uses a non-secure HTTP connection. The application installed successfully, but you get a challenge that the developer has not been trusted:

You then have to go into Settings --> General --> profiles and explicitly trust the ‘developer’ i.e. CafeX Enterprise. 


4. Cafex Demo Apps fail to download to iOS 9 devices

Existing Demo apps fail to download for instance

This is due to changes in the plist format. A work around is to download the ipa file to your laptop and add it to itunes under the Apps folder and then transfer it to your device.









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