CaféX Critical Issue Bulletin 004 - CaféX Trials 2.1.6 failing to start on OS X El Capitan


We have seen scenarios where CaféX trials environment (Version 2.1.6) fails to start on OS X El Capitan.

Root Cause

Trials 2.1.6 uses some of the older Diffie-Helman cipher suites which are deemed in-secure.


Affected Users

All users of CaféX Trials using the latest OS X operating system currently codenamed El Capitan.



Remove the older cipher suites:

1. Stop Trials


2. Make a back up of your file

cd /Users/<User>/cafex-trials/FAS/domain/configuration
cp fas.bak-<date>

3. Edit and remove the weak encryption ciphers

vi and make the following changes to the jsse cipher suites:




4. Start Trials



If you continue to experience issues after following these steps, please contact your CaféX representative or email us at


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