Creating a non-root user - file limits

Fusion Application Server & Media Broker can be executed by non-root users.

Creating a cafex user group:

groupadd cafex-users

Creating a cafex User:

useradd cafex -g cafex-users
passwd cafex

Adding cafex user to sudoers:

chmod 666 /etc/sudoers

vi /etc/sudoers

cafex ALL=(ALL)  ALL

chmod 440 /etc/sudoers

Recusive chown installer /runtime directories

chown -R cafex:cafex-users cafex *

Setting File and Processor Limits

vi /etc/security/limits.conf

@cafex-users soft nofile 30000
@cafex-users hard nofile 30000
@cafex-users soft nproc 10240
@cafex-users hard nproc 10240
@cafex-users soft  core  unlimited
@cafex-users hard core  unlimited

To verify this change, you will have to restart the user's terminal session




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