How to update an artefact on the CafeX server


From time to time you may need to redeploy or update an artefact on the CafeX server. An example is to a patched war file we have provided you with or an amendment to one you have designed yourself. 

This article will supply instructions for redeploying or updating an artefact.



Browse to the management console https://<your-server>:9990 

Select Manage Deployments

Select the artefact you wish to up date from the list (in our example assistsample.war) then Click on Update

Select the war file to deploy.

Note: the name of the Artefact you choose from your file system can be different to the name of the deployed artefact. For instance if it has a date stamp of version stamp in the file name this will not effect the redeployment and the artefact will still be known my it's orginal name


Select next, accept the default values & click on save


Your artefact is now deployed.






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