Using the sample apps to confirm functionality


This article describes how to use the sample applications that ship with FCSDK to confirm the functionality of your FCSDK server.


Live Assist

The live assist sample app has a consumer and an agent interface. Open chrome and browse to https:<your-server>:8443/assistsample which will look like:

Then open a new incognito window (this is important as we do not want the chrome browsers to share state) and browse to the agent https:<your-server>:8443/assist-agent-console/ which will look like:

With both of these windows open click on the assist icon on the top right of the consumer page, this should then open a new window which makes a call to the agent. The agent window will now come to the front to indicate an incoming call, click on ok to answer the call and the request a co-browse session.


Fusion Sample App

If installed you can confirm voice & video by accessing the following urls. In chrome navigate to https://<your-server>:8443/csdk-sample. Login as 1001 / 123. 

Then open a new igcognito window and also navigate to https://<your-server>:8443/csdk-sample though this time login as 1002 / 123.

From the 1st window call 1002:

Then accept the call in the incognito window.







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