Change SIP Domain of a Sample App User.

For this example we will demonstrate a newly created user to call against the IP of my server rather than the pre-set FQDN. 

First, add the IP to FAS Management Console:

Nav too:

> SIP (left side panel, near bottom)
> Application Routers
> Click Add
> Type new domain.



Now, SSH onto the server. 

> cd /opt/cafex/<fas_directory>/domain/servers/appserver-<server_name>/data/content/
> grep "<name>" -R *

You should get an output like this:

Alternative Step to find XML configuration:

. /etc/fas.conf && vi $JBOSS_HOME/domain/data/content/`grep -o "csdksample-db.xml[^_]*_[^_]*content sha1=\"[0-9a-zA-Z]*\"" <(paste -sd_ $JBOSS_HOME/domain/configuration/domain.xml) | tr -d '_' | sed "s/.*sha1=\"\([0-9a-zA-Z]\{2\}\)\([a-zA-Z0-9]*\)\"/\1\/\2/g"`/content

Copy this file using the following command:

> cp <name_of_file>/content /opt/cafex/<FCSDK_Directory>/csdksample-db.xml

Then we edit the new copy:

>vi /opt/cafex/<FCSDK_Directory>/csdksample-db.xml

Edit the user you wish to change or create another by copying a current like so:

Paste this below the last </user> in the list (but above </webappconfig>)

You will now need to edit the following:

Once this has been done save the file with:

> Esc key
>: wq


Next we will need to deploy this against the current FAS deployment. 

> /opt/cafex/<fas_directory>/bin/
(inside jboss)
NOTE: to backspace in the CLI you need to Ctrl+backspace
> connect <fas_server_ip>:9999
(cont. with username and password)
> deploy --force /opt/cafex/<FCSDK_directory>/csdksample-db.xml

<Ctrl+C> to edit cli


Repeat of the the first steps:

> cd /opt/cafex/<fas_directory>/domain/servers/appserver-<server_name>/data/content/
> grep "<name>" -R *

and vi the outcome location.

Your changes should now be on this file. 

You should now be able to log in with this user and place a call against one of the other users through the sample application and the changes should show as expected. 


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