Setting open files for FAS

If you have installed FAS on a Linux-based operating system, such as CentOS, you may need to configure the ulimit settings on the server to enable it to handle the number of clients in your installation. If the ulimit setting is set too low, you will see the following error:

Too many open files

For recent versions of FAS we recommend to set the maximum number of open files to 30000.

1. To see the current maximum number of open files, log on to the Web Gateway server and run the following command:

ulimit -n

2. To change the number of open files, open /etc/security/limits.conf and search for the following line:

* - nofile 1024

Note: In some installs this line will not exist and the value will default to 1024. In this case a new line will need to be added.

3 Change 1024 to the setting you require, in the above example that would be 30000:

* - nofile 30000

4 To confirm that the setting has changed, log out and log back in again before running the above command to check the maximum number of open files.

ulimit -n (should return 30000)

Furthermore the Media Broker also requires other file handles in addition to those for sip client connections, so you need to over-provision. For example, if your installation configuration includes 5000 sip ports you should set the maximum number of open files to 7000. If Media Broker is installed on the same server as FAS then set the maximum number of open files to 37000

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