Changing the SIP ports on FAS

To change the SIP ports for FAS you must change settings in two locations on the Application server web interface. 

Important note

Before making these changes you will need 3 new ports, the SIP defaults are:


In this example we are going to change them to:


You must confirm that these ports are free & not already in use before making these changes. These ports are examples and others may be used.

Step 1. Change the FAS HA SIP Profile

  • Navigate to https://<FAS address>:9990
  • Log in as administrator (default is user: administrator | pass: administrator). 
  • Click Profiles on the top right of the screen.
  • Then click Sip > Sip Servlets on the left hand side panel. 
  • Click Connectors tab at the top. 

Edit each of the "connectors" Static Server Port's by clicking edit and changing the appropriate field. 


Change sip-tcp from 5060 to 5075
change sip-tls from 5061 to 5076
change sip-udp from 5060 to 5075
change sip-ws from 5062 to 5077
Note: do not forget to save each setting after making a change. 


Step 2. Change the Load Balancer sockets: 

  • On the top left there is a drop down box titled "profile". Select "lb" from that menu. 
  • Click Socket Bindings on the lower half of the left hand side panel. 
  • Then click View -> for lb-sockets 
  • Skim through the "available socket bindings" for the names stated above and again change the ports accordingly to match your previous configurations, (see above in green for example).

Once again, do not forget to save these configurations each time you make a change.

Once all the above is done you should restart fas using the following command on your server:
service fas restart

Once that is back up you can confirm the services are listening on the new port by running the following command:
netstat -anp | grep <new port number>

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