Adding a Media Broker to FCSDK via the CLI (Non-GUI)

Connecting to gateway via the CLI

  • Connect to the machine locally running the FCSDK
  • Navigate to the CLI's directory e.g.  cd /opt/cafex/cli
  • Start the e.g.  ./
  • When prompted for credentials, enter the appropriate username and password
  • To terminate a CLI session press: Ctrl+Z

Confirm there is no media broker

Check there is no media broker already attached by executing the following command:
verbose-display gateway-configuration

if no media broker is present this message will appear near the end of the list 
"media-brokers : not present"

Adding a media brokers

Execute the following commands inside the CLI:
- update gateway-configuration
- add media-brokers
- set control-connection:control-hostaddress <IP address>
- add sip-network-rtp
- set local-address-cidr all
- set local-port-range-start 17000
- set local-port-range-finish 18000
- save
- add webrtc-client-rtp
- set source-pattern-cidr all
- add public-local-ports
- set public-address <IP Address>
- set public-port 16000
- set local-address <IP Address>
- set local-port
- save (repeat the save command until returned to just: 
"gateway >" no quotes).

Check the media broker works

Repeat the command:
verbose-display gateway-configuration

this should now display the above details added for the media broker towards the end of the list. 



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