How to reset Web Gateway admin password.

Resetting Administrator Credentials 

If the administrator username and/or password have been forgotten then they can be reset to the defaults by setting a system property, which will reset the credentials on the next login attempt.
Note: If you have an HA cluster, then you must stop all the slave nodes before following the below steps on the master. After resetting the password on the master node, the slave nodes can be restarted.

To reset credentials
  1. Add the system property (appserver.admin.password.reset=true) in <FAS root dir>\domain\configuration\
  2. Restart FAS master
  3. Open a new web browser and navigate to the web administrative interface at https://<ip_address>:8443/web_plugin_framework/webcontroller/ Where <ip_address> is the Fusion Application Server IP address (If the Web Plugin Framework is not available please use https://<ip_address>:9990  for the FAS web console).
  4. Click login.
  5. Remove, or comment out the system property (appserver.admin.password.reset=true) in <FAS root dir>\domain\configuration\
  6. Restart FAS master
  7. Login is now re-enabled on the web administrative interface and the credentials reset to the default values.
Note: The default log-in details should be changed after the first login.
Refer to ʻWeb Administration interface reference’ on page 63 for further details.
See 'Resetting Administrator Credentials' in the FCSDK admin guide (page 14).



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