Out of memory errors

If you observe the following exception in the FAS server.log:


It's possible the Java process is out of memory, to confirm please run these commands

  1. free -mt, copy paste output to reply
  2. ulimit -a & ulimit -u, copy paste output to reply
  3. top -n 1 -b > /tmp/top.output, send us top.output from your tmp directory
  4. jstack -l <fas_pid> > /tmp/jstack.output, send us jstack.output in your tmp directory
  5. jmap -J-d64 -dump:format=b,file=/tmp/jmap.output <fas_pid>, send us jmap.output from your tmp directory

For the last two commands the FAS appserver process id (<fas_pid>) can be found with the following command:

ps -aef | grep appserver | grep java | awk '{print $2}'







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