Apply identity certificates (GUI Mode)

Connecting to FAS via the CLI 

  • Navigate to the FAS's bin directory e.g.


  • Start the JBoss CLI GUI using command below, "ADDRESS" is the address of master host of the FAS cluster

./  --controller=<ADDRESS> --gui

Generate CSR

Navigate to profile=management -> subsystem=trustmgmt -> identity-certificate-group=main-loadbalancer-group

select the id certificate node for which you like to generate CSR and you wil find the option as below:

Import Signed Certficate

Once you receive signed certificate from your CA, you can import by navigating to profile=management -> subsystem=trustmgmt -> identity-certificate-group=main-loadbalancer-group

you will find option to import certifcate select https/sips as name to import certificate for respective id cert, example shown below:

Generate Key Pair

If you need to generate new key pair, you may do so by navigating to profile=management -> subsystem=trustmgmt -> identity-certificate-group=main-loadbalancer-group, you wil find option to generate key pair:

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