Set logging levels and file sizes (Non-GUI)

Connecting to FAS via the CLI

  • Navigate to the FAS's bin directory e.g. cd <FAS_INSTALL_DIR>/bin
  • Start the JBoss CLI e.g. ./
  • Using the 'connect' command, connect to the master host of the required FAS cluster, specifying its address and the management port e.g. connect <ADDRESS>:9999
  • When prompted for credentials, enter the appropriate username and password
  • To terminate a CLI session type: quit

NOTE: Once connected use 'ctrl + backspace' to delete a command

Setting general logging levels

The following CLI command allow the logging level of a specific logger (e.g. org.mobicents) to be updated e.g. to DEBUG.

Specific Logger:    /profile=ha/subsystem=logging/logger=org.mobicents:change-log-level(level=DEBUG)

ROOT Logger: /profile=ha/subsystem=logging/root-logger=ROOT:write-attribute(name="level", value="DEBUG")


Setting the file size and number of rotation logs

Viewing existing config: /profile=ha/subsystem=logging/size-rotating-file-handler=FILE:read-resource

Setting the size: /profile=ha/subsystem=logging/size-rotating-file-handler=FILE:write-attribute(name="rotate-size", value="200m")

Setting the number of files: /profile=ha/subsystem=logging/size-rotating-file-handler=FILE:write-attribute(name="max-backup-index", value="10")


Enable Security Logging

Following CLI command allow to enable Security logging  by adding """ parameter to JVM. FAS restart is required to enable logging.



Viewing Existing Loggers

Once connected to the FAS instance via the JBoss CLI, the following command will show the existing loggers.

  • All Loggers: ls /profile=ha/subsystem=logging/logger
  • ROOT Logger: ls /profile=ha/subsystem=logging/root-logger


Viewing the Content of a Logger

The following CLI commands allow the contents of a specific logger (e.g. org.mobicents) to be printed to the console.

  • Logger: /profile=ha/subsystem=logging/logger=org.mobicents:read-resource
  • ROOT Logger: /profile=ha/subsystem=logging/root-logger=ROOT:read-resource


Adding a New Logger

The following CLI command creates a new logger (e.g. com.cafex.example) and sets its logging level to DEBUG.

  • /profile=ha/subsystem=logging/logger=com.cafex.example:add(level=DEBUG)


Removing a Logger

The following CLI command removes an existing logger (e.g. com.cafex.example).

  • /profile=ha/subsystem=logging/logger=com.cafex.example:remove



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