Disable Web access for Management Console

The Management Console is a browser-based interface, which can be used to configure Fusion Application Server.  

For enhanced security you may prefer to disable the Management Console web access and use CLI for administration tasks.

The Following steps disable the Management Console UI:

  • Edit the $FAS/domain/configuration/host.xml file
  • Locate the <interfaces> section
  • Create a new section:

        <interface name="local-management">
            <inet-address value=""/>

  • Locate the 

<socket interface="management" secure-port="${jboss.management.https.port:9990}"/>

entry, and change the interface attribute so it uses the new section i.e.

<socket interface="local-management" secure-port="${jboss.management.https.port:9990}"/>

  • Restart FAS



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