Poodlebleed SSL V3.0 Vulnerability - CVE-2014-3566

Dear CaféX customers and partners

CaféX Communications has responded to customer concerns regarding the Poodlebleed vulnerability by releasing a version of Fusion Application Server with SSL 3.0 disabled.

This will be available from the following product versions:

Fusion Client SDK 2.1.15

Fusion Live Assist 1.1.14

Fusion Palettes 2.0.12

The above versions will be available from https://download.cafex.com.

Please contact support@cafex.com for more details if required.

More information regarding the Poodlebleed vulnerability is available at:


Typically CaféX server side components are deployed into an enterprise green zone protected by a 'reverse proxy' such as Apache, nginx or F5, There is some great information regarding disabling SSL 3.0 on these other servers here:


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