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Poodlebleed SSL V3.0 Vulnerability - CVE-2014-3566

Dear CaféX customers and partners

CaféX Communications has responded to customer concerns regarding the Poodlebleed vulnerability by releasing a version of Fusion Application Server with SSL 3.0 disabled.

This will be available from the following product versions:

Fusion Client SDK 2.1.15

Fusion Live Assist 1.1.14

Fusion Palettes 2.0.12

The above versions will be available from

Please contact for more details if required.

More information regarding the Poodlebleed vulnerability is available at: 

Typically CaféX server side components are deployed into an enterprise green zone protected by a 'reverse proxy' such as Apache, nginx or F5, There is some great information regarding disabling SSL 3.0 on these other servers here:


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