How to Run Cisco DX80 & DX650 against Trial Environment running on Mac

Cisco DX80 and Cisco DX650 devices can be configured to registered against Trial Environment, below are detail instructions.


TFTP Setup on Mac

Mac comes with inbuilt TFTP server, and required following steps:
  • Modify plist file to ensure TFTP Path is a location with read/write permissions. You will find tftp.plist file at, '/System/Library/LaunchDaemons/'.
  • Start TFTP service running following commands:
sudo launchctl load -F /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/tftp.plist
sudo launchctl start
Trial env Controlled Domain
Make sure IP address of trial environment is listed in FCSDK Gateway App router, and  not listed in Trial env app router. You will be mentioning this IP address in config of Cisco device in following section. 
To modify app router settings, you would need to connect to FAS Management Console web UI at: https://<trial_env_address>:9990
Default credentials: admin/admin
Once logged in navigate to Application Router config as shown below (profile-> ha,  subsystems-> Sip)
Config File for Cisco Devices
Cisco Device would obtain its config from a configured TFTP server. A sample of SEP file for DX80 and DX650 is attached to this page:
  • Make a note of MAC Address of your Cisco device.
  • Create a file "SEP<MAC Address>.cnf.xml" in location specified as TFTP current path in plist.
  • You may use attached file as sample changing the name as above.
  • Modify content of file to update
    • organizationTopLevelDomain - This should be the SIP Domain you would like to use as registrar controlled domain. It is ""
    • processNodeName - IP address of your Trial environment.
  • Configure Cisco device (DX80/DX650) to use alternative tftp server to be your Mac's IP address (You will find option to do so in "settings"), when prompted choose to Erase the trust List.
  • Cisco device will try frequently to access the TFTP to load recent config, you may restart device to force pick-up of new config
 Note:  If Cisco device fails to obtain config or shows error message saying "phone feature unavailable",  you may find it helpful to capture traffic at Mac using tcpdump and filter for tftp protocol. 
If you continue to have problem getting TFTP communication working, you may find this tool useful:
Once you got Cisco device communicating with TFTP , it will register itself with Trial env as per address/domain specified in config file.
Note: Due to incomparability in SIP Registration actual SIP will appear broken, however Dx phone will come on-line once connected with trial environment.
Cisco device will use extension specified in SEP file , you can also see the extension on the device display.
You should now be able to place a call between Trial env sample app User and Cisco device. 
When dialling from fusion web application to DX device you will need to dial complete sip URI , i.e sip:dx_extn@dx_ip_address
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