Create a Custom Infinispan Cache (Non-GUI)

Connecting to FAS via the CLI

  • Navigate to the FAS's bin directory e.g. cd <FAS_INSTALL_DIR>/bin
  • Start the JBoss CLI e.g. ./
  • Using the 'connect' command, connect to the master host of the required FAS cluster, specifying its address and the management port e.g. connect <ADDRESS>:9999
  • When prompted for credentials, enter the appropriate username and password
  • To terminate a CLI session type: quit

NOTE: Once connected use 'ctrl + backspace' to delete a command

Creating a Custom Infinispan Cache

The following command can be used to create a cache named MyAdapterCache within a specified cache-container:


  Above command will create a cache with name MyAdapterCache in cache-container container-shared with SYNC mode.

Once new cache is created and its details will have been written to JBoss's domain.xml.




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