Manage Runtime File Deployments (GUI Mode)

Connecting to FAS via the CLI 

  • Navigate to the FAS's bin directory e.g.


  • Start the JBoss CLI GUI using command below, "ADDRESS" is the address of master host of the FAS cluster

./  --controller=<ADDRESS> --gui


Deploying a file

File deployment can be done using "Meta Commands" available via GUI see below:

When prompted select the file to be deployed, example of a typical app deployment is shown below:


Redeploying an already deployed file

Use same method as described in Deploying a file, ensure you select force 

Undeploying a file

You can use "Meta Commands" --> "Undeploy" option to undeploy file. You wil be presented with the list of deployed files. Select the file to be undeployed as shown below:




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