Manage Runtime File Deployments (Non-GUI)

Connecting to FAS via the CLI 

  • Navigate to the FAS's bin directory e.g. cd <FAS_INSTALL_DIR>/bin
  • Start the JBoss CLI e.g. ./
  • Using the 'connect' command, connect to the master host of the required FAS cluster, specifying its address and the management port e.g. connect <ADDRESS>:9999
  • When prompted for credentials, enter the appropriate username and password
  • To terminate a CLI session type: quit

NOTE: Once connected use 'ctrl + backspace' to delete a command

List currently deployed

ls deployment=

Deploying a file

One connected to the FAS, the final step is to deploy the required file using the CLI's 'deploy' command.

Together with deploying a file, the 'deploy' command can be used to assign the deployed artefact to a server group (e.g. the 'main' server group), as shown below:

  deploy --server-groups=main-server-group /opt/my-application.war

Redeploying an already deployed file

The following example shows how to redeploy an already deployed file:

  deploy --force /opt/my-application.war

Undeploying a file

The following example shows how to undeploy a file:

  undeploy --all-relevant-server-groups my-application.war




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