Connect to FAS via CLI (Non-GUI)

 Connect to FAS via CLI

The CLI is a utility installed on Application Servers. You can use the CLI to configure Fusion Application Server (FAS)  from a command prompt. The CLI also has a GUI that displays the addressable elements and the possible commands that you can perform on them.

For more information about using the CLI, type help on the CLI command line.

Connecting to FAS via the CLI (non-GUI)

  • Navigate to the FAS's bin directory e.g.


  • Start the JBoss CLI e.g.


  • Using the 'connect' command, connect to the master host of the required FAS cluster, specifying its address and the management port e.g.

connect <ADDRESS>:9999

  • When prompted for credentials, enter the appropriate username and password
  • To terminate a CLI session type


NOTE: Once connected use 'ctrl + backspace' to delete a command




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