Install and Configure Media Broker

You may want to install a Media Broker on it's own, maybe you are adding an extra Media Broker to the cluster, or simply installing media broker on a different machine to the gateway. These instructions will explain how to install the Media Broker only and how to configure the Fusion Gateway to link to the installed Media Broker.

The "How to install FCSDK web gateway and media broker onto a single host" and "Pre-requisites for installing Media Broker on Linux" articles have already described how to prepare a host for Media Broker so we go into this again here. You do not need to install FAS on the machine if you are only installing Media Broker, as Media Broker is a standalone process rather than being an application deployed on FAS.


The following are the steps you need to perform:

  1. Obtain and extract the Fusion Core SDK Installer zip file (i.e. onto your target machine.
  2. Edit the advanced installer properties file (i.e. that will have been extracted. Input the required details based on the property descriptions in the file, similar to installing complete FCSDK solution except:
    • The packs property should only contain the Media Broker and Common packs, i.e.
    • You do not need to enter the application server details
  3. Now you can kick off an install as normal, i.e. java -jar fusion_client_core_sdk_installer-x.x.x.jar -options


The installer will start the Media Broker so all you need to do is configure the Fusion Gateway with details of the new Media Broker you have just installed. To do this you need to navigate to the Fusion Gateway UI (https://<Gateway Address>:8443/web_plugin_framework/webcontroller/) and configure as follows:

  1. In the UI navigate to Gateway -> Media Brokers
  2. Click Add Record above the table on this page.
  3. You will be presented with the Media Broker configuration page, a typical complete configuration is shown in the screen shot below with the values that have been added highlighted. More details of Media Broker configuration can be found in the Administering FCSDK Guide or in the Understanding Fusion Media Broker Ports article.

Note: For FCSDK and greater you will need at least 5 WebRTC Client ports if installing with the default 5 media broker sub processes.


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