How to change the configured http/https ports

By default CafeX applications listen for service traffic on port 8443 for https and 8080 for http traffic.

To change the https port the simplest way is to make all the changes by editing the domain.xml file.

*** Please be careful when editing the domain.xml file as this contains all configuration for your installation and errors can cause FAS to fail to start. Backup this file before editing. ***

** NOTE only root users can use the 0-1024 port range. If your process is running as non-root you will not be able to use port 443 unless the user has sudo privileges **

Using the following instructions:

  1) Stop FAS: service fas stop

  2) Edit /opt/cafex/FAS-2.1.x.x/domain/configuration/domain.xml

Changing all references to the existing port to the new port number. In a basic install of FCSDK the following 4 lines will need changing.

<connector name="https" protocol="HTTP/1.1" scheme="https" socket-binding="https" proxy-name="" proxy-port="8443" secure="true" executor="http-connector">

<socket-binding name="https" interface="lb-public" port="8443"/>

<property name="" value=""/> 

<property name="" value="8443"/>
<property name="" value=""/>

However additional applications may also have there own configuration that references the https port, if so they should also be changed.

  3) Start FAS: service fas start


For changing the http port a similiar procedure should be following replacing all references to the default 8080 port. 





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