Fusion Operations guide

Starting & Stopping FAS (Web Gateway)

On Linux

service fas start

You can also use stop, restart and status parameters with this command, e.g.

service fas status

You can also confirm it's running with ps -ef | grep java


Fusion Media Broker

Starting and stopping Media Brokers

If you need to start, stop or restart a Media Broker for any reason, run one of the following commands on the Media Broker box:

service fusion_media_broker start

You can also use stop, restart and status parameters with this command.


Starting the Management Console (Jboss)

To launch the Management Console, use the following URL:


Where <ip_address> is the IP address of the master Application Server, or the machine hosting a single-box installation. If the Application Server has started, you are asked to supply the administrator credentials. Enter the administrator credentials that you specified during the installation. The console should launch successfully. For example


Management Console overview

The management console is the Web interface provided by the Domain Host Controller and allows all FAS servers in a domain to be configured. Most of the configurable attributes and  operations available through the CLI are also exposed through the Management Console.

The following diagram shows the different areas of the Management Console:

Web administration interface (FCSDK admin)

The web administration interface is available at:


The default administrator log-in details are:

• Username: admin
• Password: admin 



Load Balancer ports

Load Balancers use the following ports as standard:

• 5060 - SIP UDP/TCP (external)
• 5061 - SIP TLS (external)
• 8080 - HTTP
• 8443 - HTTPS

Application Server ports

Application Servers use the following ports as standard:
• 5080 - SIP UDP/TCP
• 5081 - SIP TLS
• 5082 - SIP-WS (SIP over WebSockets)
• 8100 - HTTP
• 8463 - HTTPS
• 4447 - Remoting (JNDI/EJB/JMX)

Management server process ports

The management server process, which hosts the License Server and the Trust
Management module, uses the following ports as standard:

• 9100 - HTTP
• 9463 - HTTPS
• 5447 - Remoting (JNDI/EJB/JMX)

Host Controller ports

The (Domain) Host Controller uses the following ports as standard:

• 9990 - admin Web interface (used by the Creator SDK and REST)
• 9999 - native management interface (used by CLI and other processes







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