Configuring CUPS with Cafex


This is a basic guide to enable presence from CUPS to the CafeX fusion sample app

This guide assumes you have sufficient CUCM / CUPS knowledge to do:

  • Configure CUCM for CUPS as per
  • Configure CUPS with CUCM
  • Add users to CUCM
  • Login to CUPS via jabber or other client & create a buddy list

CUPS Config

1. Trust - Set incoming ACL on CUPS
CUPS will need to trust the CafeX Web Gateway, we will need to add an incoming ACL and the gateway address as an ACL to accept our REGISTER without challenging. To do this, on the CUPS, server do: System --> Security --> Incoming ACL
2. Set the CUPS IM & Presence Domain needs to be resolvable FQDN of the CUPS server.
System --> Cluster Topology --> Settings


3. The CUPS User exists in CUPS & have contacts to watch.
The user defined for presence in fusionwebapp.db.xml will need to exist on CUPS, users are created in CUCM and then synced to CUPS. In the below example we will be using the user rdoyle.
You can then login to CUPS with a jabber client or the free XMPP Gajim client ( to build the client /  buddy list.
CafeX Web Gateway Config
1. Check the user config
The user in fusionwebapp-db.xml should look like like:
2. Check web gateway config
Below is the needed gateway configuration under General Administration:
Outbound SIP Server: CUCM Address
Registration expiry (seconds): Leave as default
SIP session expiry (seconds): Leave as default
Presence Proxy SIP Address: This needs to be set to the configured Cisco Presence Controlled Domain set at install time. You can check this value in the JBoss console (Profiles --> SIP --> App Router --> FCSDKCiscoAppRouter)
Presence Service SIP Address: CUPS Address
Example configuration below: 


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