Pre-requisites for installing Media Broker on Linux

Before installing Media Broker on Red Hat or Centos ensure.

1. the following packages are installed:

  • pango
  • libXv
  • libxml2

2. Oracle java 8 in installed see for info on installing Java 1.8

3. Ensure enough open files are available.



Test if the required packages are installed.

The output from rpm -qa | grep "pango\|libXv\|libxml2" will indicate if the packages are installed.
No output indicates they are not installed.

# rpm -qa | grep "pango\|libXv\|libxml2"

Install if necessary.

If you need to install the packages use yum.

# yum -y install pango
# yum -y install libXv
# yum -y install libxml2

Install Oracle Java 8

Follow the guidance given in the following article

Ensure enough open files are available.

The number of open files required by Media Broker depends on the configured port range. If the port range consists of 5000 ports we recommend setting the maximum number of open files to 7000.

  • To see the current maximum number of open files, log on to the Media Broker server and run the following command:  ulimit -n
  • To change the number of open files, open /etc/security/limits.conf and navigate to the following line:  * - nofile XXXX
  • Change the existing number to the setting you require, in the above example that would be 7000: * - nofile 7000
  • To confirm that the setting has changed, log out and log back in again before running the above command to check the maximum number of open files.


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