Fusion Client SDK consists of three primary server components: 

(1) the Fusion Web Gateway our signaling component that communicates securely to web browsers and mobile apps via http or https and can additionally connect those client to SIP-based VoIP clients and infrastructure. The Web Gateway also controls our Media Broker product that relays real-time media between clients inside and outside of the network.

(2) The Fusion Media Broker secures real-time media, handles the complexities of firewall and NAT traversal and will transcode audio and/or video between clients. 

 (3) The Fusion Palettes server is leveraged when real-time communications need to be integrated with contact center environments (ex. UCCE) by delivering visual IVR web or mobile applications, relaying contextual data (device, identity, location, browsing history) into the contact center and integrating to the CTI and orchestration layer of a contact center for proper queuing, skills based routing & connect times.






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