One-way or two-way video?

CaféX is often asked how to implement video in the contact center. Should video be one-way from the agent to the customer of bi-directional? Should it be audio only or only escalate to video from chat?  The answer is simple – IT DEPENDS on your application.  Bi-directional video is very valid for internal help desk functions between employees, business-to-business (B2B), telemedicine or point discussions between an investor and their financial advisor.  However, in retail, hospitality and travel one-way video may be more appropriate.

In all cases, the customer should to acknowledge and accept the use of video (one-way or two way).  One-way video (from the agent to the customer) should also be used when bandwidth is limited. In turn, the agent view to the customer is un-interrupted which remains paramount. Fusion Client SDK provides a network quality API, enabling the application to identify these circumstances and cut bandwidth by almost 50% when such circumstances arise.

Fusion Client SDK gives you the power to engage in mobile or web-based chat, voice-only, one-way video or two-way video. These real-time communications can all be conducted in combination with Live Assist as well.  It is up the use-case, customer engagement strategy and goals to determine the best engagement model. And CaféX professionals are happy to help you define, refine and build out your real-time customer engagement strategy. 








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