How does Live Assist co-browsing function work?

In Live Assist, the user of an application can share the screen of their tablet, smartphone or browser apps with an expert on the line.  Agents are more knowledgeable of the problem at hand; provide tutelage and guidance thru to successful completion.  And for sensitive information, fields and regions of a web page or application can be masked to shield the agents view.

The expert can also control the app or web site of the user through simple point & click. Remote control allows the advisor to traverse through menus, jump to specific information or walk others through an important process. The expert can also move the video window to ensure it doesn’t interfere with elements of the screen.

Unlike most co-browsing technologies, CaféX does not share the Document Object Model (DOM) between the user and the expert. CaféX’s unique technologies ensures that inconsistencies between browsers are not reflected during a Live Assist session. In addition, to support iOS and Android, DOM based screen sharing will not work effectively with native apps. Through Live Assist, experts get an accurate read of the end user experience consistent across mobile and all browsers. 








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