Update FCSDK Sample Application to use non-secure connection


In FCSDK 2.1 the fusion-web app server-side component comes set to secure be default, you may want to change this to insecure if you want to perform lab testing such as examining the traffic to & from the server via a network analyser.

How to

1. If you have a copy of the fusionwebapp-db.xml then open this on your local machine using your favorite editor. If you do not have a copy of this file then reference the Obtaining Deployed fusionwebapp-db.xml section below.

2. In the fusionwebapp-db.xml alter the externalGwUrl to use http and the FAS unsecure port (default 8080), e.g.




3. Redeploy the fusionwebapp-db.xml via the JBoss Console, see below:


Obtaining Deployed fusionwebapp-db.xml

If you do not have a copy of the deployed fusionwebapp-db.xml then below is one way of obtaining a copy from the FAS server.

1. On your server navigate to the FAS content directory e.g.


2. Then search for <name> e.g.

root@cs-trials content]# grep "<name>" -R *

This Will return something like:

07/3460dd80bfe860f762362dfcf4de6111117574/content: <name>user1</name>
07/3460dd80bfe860f762362dfcf4de6111117574/content: <name>user2</name>

3. Copy this to tmp and rename as fusionwebapp-db.xml:

cp 07/3460dd80bfe860f762362dfcf4de6111117574/content /tmp/fusionwebapp-db.xml

4. Now copy this to your local machine (I use pscp but you can use any scp method, winscp etc..)

C:\Temp>pscp root@ .



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