How to Raise a Support Ticket

You can raise a trouble ticket via:

Support Web Portal:

Providing the following information up front will enable a quicker turn around on tickets raised. Information required to diagnose an issue:

  • Description - A thorough description of the issue you are seeing including small details. Sometimes the small details can be the most important.
  • Version(s) - The version of all products involved in the scenario that causes the issue
  • Environment(s) - What are the products running on? e.g. iPad4, MAC XOS 10.9.1 or Windows 7
  • Logs - The logs that would be most useful would depend on the issue, here are some general rules but if in doubt include all these logs (instructions on how to perform a packet capture can be found in the Capturing Logs article):
    • Media Broker Packet Capture - If a connection between two endpoints has been made but there are media issues, e.g. no video on one side of the call or quality issues.
    • Gateway Packet Capture - In most other cases the gateway logs would be useful so to be safe we would recommend including them
    • Device Logs - Logs from mobile device you are using to run one of our applications could be needed if the application is crashing, hanging or if the application if failing to communicate with the gateway.
    • Browser Logs - Similar to the above, if the browser is failing to communicate with the gateway the browser logs would be needed.
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