Sample CSDK App Deployment on REM


REM is shipped with an Advanced CSDK WebRTC sample app which allows users to make and receive WebRTC calls in a compatible browser.

By default, the Advanced  CSDK sample app is not deployed. In order to use it, following two files need to be deployed to REAS:


The above files can be deployed to REAS either via CLI or the REAS Admin GUI.  They must be assigned to the main-server-group.

Following are the steps to configure REM’s CSDK Sample App.


SSH to the REM Server

The war file and the XML file which are needed to be deployed on REAS are present at the location:




The XML file is a template and needs to be configured for use with your server. Copy the existing template xml (csdksample-db-template.xml) to csdksample-db.xml which can be edited to suit your deployment

cp /opt/cisco/<VERSION_NUMBER>/CSDK/Core_SDK/Sample_Source/csdksample-db-template.xml /opt/cisco/<VERSION_NUMBER>/CSDK/Core_SDK/Sample_Source/csdksample-db.xml

Then make the following are the necessary changes:

At Line -8,

WebappID needs to be added to Web Plugin Framework of REM server.

Navigate to https://<REM_SERVER>:8443/web_plugin_framework/webcontroller/admin/

Copy the webappId mentioned above and add it under Web Application IDs as shown in the screenshot.

NOTE: you can add a WebAppID of any name but the length of Application Key needs to be at least 16 characters. Only important point to remember is ID given in the XML should be present at the WPF’s WebappID’s.


Replace with the cluster address of your REM server.
Make other changes similar to the XML file attached.

After making these changes save the file and it's ready to deploy to REAS.

To deploy the files to REAS using the Admin GUI, follow the below steps:

    1. Login to https://<REM_SERVER>:9990
    2. Navigate to Runtime -> Manage Deployments
    3. Add csdk-sample.war and the configured csdksample-db.xml
    4. Assign them to main-server-group
    5. Restart REAS: service reas restart

To deploy these files using CLI, follow the below steps:

    1. SSH to the REM Server
    2. Navigate to /opt/cisco/<REM_VERSION>/REAS/bin
    3. Run the script
    4. connect using your server IP/FQDN and enter the credential of REAS AS when prompted.
    5. connect <REM_SERVER_ADDRESS>:9999
    6. deploy /opt/cisco/<REM_VERSION>/CSDK/Core_SDK/Sample_Source/csdksample-db.xml --server-groups=main-server-group
    7. deploy /opt/cisco/<REM_VERSION>/CSDK/Core_SDK/Sample_Source/csdk-sample.war --server-groups=main-server-group
    8. exit
    9. Restart REAS: service reas restart

Using the CSDK sample web app:

Navigate to:  https://<REM_SERVER>:8443/csdk-sample

As per the users defined in the XML file you can use two default users configured as:


Username:     voicevideo

Password :     123

Extension:      1001


Username:       all

Password:       123

Extension:      1002

After login with both users, you can make calls to each other by dialing their extensions.
From user: voicevideo dial 
1002 and answer the call from the user all. 

If you are making a call from the sample app to Jabber, ensure that the Outbound SIP URI is set to the CUCM in the Web Plugin Framework and that you call from the app with the destination as sip:<Jabber extension>@<CUCM ip>


Vritul Kumar



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