Chrome 60 workaround


Deploy Live Assist 1.47.2. LA 1.47.2 can be downloaded from

Once you have the Live Assist 1.47.2 patch deployed, you have two options to fix your solution for Chrome 60.

1. Do nothing.
Live Assist will now generate a url on your production domain that does not exist but returns a 404. This will then be used as the url for the popout control window which requests getUserMedia.

NOTE This will result in additional 404 responses from your system, which may affect firewall performance and your site statistics.

2. Supply a url.
Alternatively you can supply a url for the control window via a new parameter, “popupURL”, in the AssistSDK.startSupport() method config i.e.

AssistSDK.startSupport({popupURL: “https://your-web-server/consumer/blank_html_page”});

The URL you choose needs to be hosted on your production domain and can either be a new page or pre-existing page. The page should either be blank, or contain minimal static content and it should return a 200 OK response.

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