General Availability Announcement FCSDK 3.1.3 & Live Assist 1.40.2

CaféX is pleased to announce General Availability of CaféX Fusion Client SDK 3.1.3 and Live Assist ® Release 1.40.2.

Product Overview

CaféX Fusion Client SDK & Live Assist as a live digital customer engagement solution not only provides in-application voice and video support via a simple API, but it also enables an enterprise user to see an online visitor’s web or mobile application screen, temporarily take control of the app to navigate for the visitor, draw on his or her screen using a simple pen tool, as well as push links, pictures and documents from a relevant knowledge base to the visitor. Live Assist is simple to set up, deploy and integrate, with only two lines of code needed for enablement within websites or mobile applications. Live Assist also supports voice/video and data channel integration with existing enterprise SIP infrastructures, including contact centers, unified communications platforms and MCUs.

FCSDK 3.1.3 introduces:

  • Support for true audio only calls.

FCSDK 3.1.3 resolves:

  • Call error when using Chrome v. 57
  • Calling does not work in Firefox 47 and earlier
  • Fixed issues with non-root installation where the specified user could not start
    Media Broker
  • Fixed issue with bluetooth headsets on iOS devices
  • Race condition in iOS if answerWithAudio:video is called immediately
    in didReceiveCall callback
  • Audio only calls require call.setVideoElement() to be set
  • Firefox to Chrome calls fail when VP8 is banned or H264 is prioritised
  • Call Admission control simplification to avoid requirement assumptions that can fail

Live Assist 1.40.2 introduces:

  • New metadata parameter when sharing documents
  • Localization and Internationalization
  • Licensing

Live Assist 1.40.2 resolves:

  • Session token keep alive does not start quickly enough
  • Inlined SVG cause browser exceptions in IE
  • Content within a visibility: hidden container not show even if overriding to visible
  • Dropdown menus not visually identified on agent side
  • div content 'overflowing' on Agent-side
  • Border missing from drop-down lists on Agent-side
  • Missing box shadow on Agent side
  • Offscreen :before CSS elements can cause LA to hang browser
  • SVGs inlined in CSS are not visible in the agent console
  • Android7: Short code displaying again when android consumer clicks on i don't need help
  • Web: Replication is not sending delta images
  • blank port number in preferences causes app crash
  • Hidden section of an image is displayed on the agent view
  • IE Browser - Hidden messages on consumer application are visible to the agent
  • 6 Elements with css properties linear-gradient is not showing on Agent side when consumer is on IE
  • iOS: Few fields of Native tab and operation on them are visible to agent even after hide controls is enabled
  • Agent [*s view is different, when using the different box-shadow CSS properties
  • onDocumentReceivedSuccess/Error callbacks are not made for PDFs
  • Polling URL not defined


Available from (this is our new download portal! You should have received an invite email to join, if not please contact me at, you're missing out!).

FCSDK 3.1.3 runs on FAS 2.5.6. You can either perform a new install or upgrade your existing FAS cluster. We recommend upgrading if you have applied SSL certificates to your cluster as they will be retained.

For any assistance or issues please contact

Steve Parfitt
Release & Support Manager

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