How do I change the FAS admin password via CLI?

Note: If you have an HA cluster, then you must stop all the slave nodes before following the below steps on the master. After resetting the password on the master node, the slave nodes can be restarted.


Changing the Administrator Username & Password for FAS Versions 2.4.0+

Important: The procedure described below should only be used when FCSDK is not installed.

Once FCSDK is installed, the account becomes shared and should be changed only using the FCSDK web UI (Web Plugin Framework).

Also note that if LDAP is configured in the FCSDK web GUI, it is also then available for use when logging into the FAS administration interfaces. The page on the FCSDK web GUI for changing credentials/login mechanisms applies to both FAS and FCSDK.

To change the local user credentials, use the FAS/bin/ script. As shown in the screen shots below, running this script presents you with the option to change the username, password or both for the administrative user—there can only be one administrator account on FAS.


Go to /opt/cafex/FAS/bin, Inside this folder should be a script.

Run the script using ./ and input the current Username and Password combination.

Follow the simple on-screen instructions to change the account credentials. Once complete, your terminal should look like the following.

You should now log into the FAS GUI at https://FAS-IP:9990 to check your account is working correctly.


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