What data is transferred and/or saved during co-browse sessions?


Data from Consumer to Agent:

Screen Share:  Consumer screen being shared in co-browse session, is converted into binary stream  and transferred to agent's device via Fusion Live Assist Server. In contrast with co-browsing solutions that share DOM information between the browsers, the CafeX solution works by sharing image data based on the rendered HTML document, meaning that application data is not directly shared.

Customer Information: Live Assist does not collect any user related information, and therefore does not store user related information.

Hiding Customer Data: When the web application is created, it is possible to mark certain areas of the content to be "masked" with a black or coloured box by using CSS classes provided.

SnapshotOn iOS, due to a platform feature, consumers are able to take a photo to send to the agent during a support session. Images are transferred as binary data from consumer device to agent's device via Live Assist Sever.


Data from Agent to Consumer:

Documents: When co-browsing is active, the agent can push images or PDF documents to be displayed on the consumer’s device. There are two functions to do this, and both take the URL of the document to push:

  • AssistAgentSDK.pushDocument sends the document's URL to the consumer application or page, where the document is downloaded and rendered and then shared with the agent in a similar manner to the screen share.
  • AssistAgentSDK.pushContent causes the document to be downloaded by the Agent Console SDK, and the resulting content sent over the Live Assist session to the consumer application or page where it is rendered and then shared with the agent in a similar manner to the screen share.

Link Push:  Links can be pushed to the consumer at any time during a co-browse session by calling the
AssistAgentSDK.pushLink function, with the link URL as an argument. Live Assist then sends the
consumer to the pushed URL.


Note: Fusion Live Assist server does not save/store any shared data.

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