CaféX Critical Issue Bulletin 010 - Inbound calls may fail with Chrome 57.


CafêX QA has detected an issue when using Chrome 57 as the WebRTC client and receiving calls. Inbound calls may fail establish with Chrome 57 reporting a console error.

You are only affected if you are running a FCSDK version earlier than 3.1.3 (e.g. 3.1.2.*, 3.1.0).

Chrome 57 is currently scheduled for March 14th 2017 (


When making a call to Chrome 57 it fails with console error:

'dialin.js:1146 Call on line 1 failed: SDP Negotiation Failed'

Chrome 57 looks to enforce RFC compliance for removal of SDES (Security Descriptions for Media Streams) from the offer. Older versions of Cafex Media Brokers will offer SDES as part of a commitment to backward compatibility.


Upgrade to FCSDK 3.1.3 or later (FCSDK 3.1.3 is due February 2017).

If you have any queries about this behaviour or need to request access to the latest versions of Cafex software please contact

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